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Ishida Solutions for lean and efficient production

  • Publicado el 20 de Septiembre de 2023

At Cibustec, 24-27 Oct 2023 in Parma, Ishida Europe will be showcasing an impressive range of solutions to help food manufacturers and packers maximise production output, operational efficiency, food safety and quality. The company will be exhibiting on the stand of its distributor Itech.

Ishida Solutions for lean and efficient production

With manufacturers having to contend with soaring raw material prices in markets that were already very price-competitive while at the same time maintaining rigorous quality standards, the need for food packing lines to become leaner and more efficient to increase yields and throughput and to minimise food and packaging waste has never been greater.

The Ishida equipment on display will underline the breadth of the company’s weighing and inspection solutions that combine consistently high performance with long term reliability to deliver an excellent Return on Investment (ROI). Models include three multihead weighers that demonstrate Ishida’s ability to tailor its weighing solutions to a vast array of applications; specialist advanced X-ray inspection and leak detection technologies; and a high-performance entry level checkweigher with integrated metal detector.

A key highlight will be Ishida’s recently launched CCW-AS-214 multihead weigher, which delivers significant increases in productivity, enhanced hygienic design and simultaneously addresses environmental concerns, all combining to maximise profitability in highly competitive markets.

The CCW-AS offer the highest weighing performance to further increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), particularly for more challenging applications. At the same time, the weigher has achieved a 20 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to previous models. Noise levels have also been further reduced. The 6-head CCW-R2-106 Fresh Food Weigher (FFW) has been designed to handle very sticky fresh and bruise-sensitive products with maximum speed and efficiency while also being ideal for factories with height limitations.

For companies seeking a value for money entry level solution, the Ishida CCW-SE3-214 offers the perfect introduction to multihead weighing technology. Capable of handling free-flowing products at lower target weights, the 14 head SE3-214 reduces product giveaway and increases yields to offer a fast payback on the investment. The weigher’s compact footprint maximises the use of valuable floor space and an intuitive remote-control unit ensures easy set up and product changeovers. From its inspection equipment ranges, Ishida will showcase its market-leading IX-G2-F dual energy X-ray inspection system and its award-winning Ishida AirScan leak detector.

The Ishida IX-G2-E provides outstanding detection of low-density and difficult to spot foreign bodies, including bone, enabling it to detect bone fragments by a factor of four compared with previous X-ray models. The IX-G2 can also identify contaminants when handling thicker and denser as well as overlapping (meat and poultry) products or those with uneven surfaces. The machine is capable of handling, inspecting and rejecting unpacked chicken fillets at up to 400 pieces per minute. Like all Ishida X-ray inspection systems, it is available with a special service packaging that delivers a guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of less than 3% per annum over a 5-year period.

The DACS-GN-SE entry level checkweigher with integrated CEIA metal detector features an Ishida designed, exceptionally fast and accurate digital loadcell that can operate with great reliability, even in challenging environments, offering maximum belt speeds of 110m/min. It is available in both IP54 / IP65 certification for challenging dusty and wet environments and to meet stringent cleaning requirements.

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