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15 de Octubre de 2021

Celebrating 70 years of innovation in Vetaphone

Vetaphone A/S, the inventer of corona treatment, is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2021, and continues to pioneer the market for surface treatment under the Eisby family management. It was the advent ...

13 de Octubre de 2021

Xeikon expands its organization in Greater China

Xeikon has appointed Sean Wu General Manager for Greater China, signalling the company’s increasing presence in the region. In his new role, Wu is tasked with managing the significant growth in interest ...

13 de Octubre de 2021

AA grade for KM is third in a row

KM Packaging is continuing to set the highest standards for product quality and safety. The global flexible packaging and lidding films supplier has been awarded an AA grade in its BRCGS Audit for the ...

12 de Octubre de 2021

A very busy summer for International Graphic Supplies

International Graphics Supplies Ltd (IGS), the Monmouthshire based Titanium Digital Cutter supplier, had a very busy summer with nine Titanium installations. The installations range from a 3.1 x 2.1-meter ...

11 de Octubre de 2021

AB Graphic expands global footprint

Leading print finishing equipment manufacturer, A B Graphic International (ABG), has recently opened a new manufacturing facility in Girona, Spain. Producing ABG branded products, the €2m investment ...

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