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WIPAG: Sustainability results of SAQ far above industry average

  • Publicado el 30 de Noviembre de 2022

WIPAG achieves 91 percent in the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) from the independent service provider NQC Ltd. and is thus 23 percentage points above the average industry results. The supplier questionnaire is aimed at suppliers from the automotive industry and examines a company's entire supply chain in terms of social responsibility and sustainability. It is based on questions that focus on ecological issues, such as energy or waste management, as well as social conditions, like working conditions or human rights.

WIPAG: Sustainability results of SAQ far above industry average

In the categories of work safety, environment and the responsible procurement of raw materials, WIPAG received a rating of 100 percent. This means that an overall improvement of 11 percentage points was achieved compared to last year. "We are very pleased with the SAQ results. The rating of 91 percent shows that we are effectively integrating the social responsibility and sustainability aspect in our supply chain," says Dominik Händler, Director Sourcing & Product Management.

WIPAG is a specialist for the production of compounds using plastics processing as well as the implementation of individual recycling management concepts as part of industrial waste disposal. Using innovative recycling technologies, the company processes plastic waste streams that are then reused as valuable materials in the products of well-known brand manufacturers. The high-tech, lightweight construction compound "WIC," which is made from secondary carbon fiber, is also part of the WIPAG sustainable portfolio. Established in 1991, the company now has more than 80 employees at two locations in Germany and has since 2018 been part of the family-owned and globally active Otto Krahn Group.

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