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WestWood® Kunststofftechnik uses tinplate containers made from CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel

  • Publicado el 03 de Julio de 2024

WestWood® Kunststofftechnik now uses tinplate packaging from Muhr & Söhne made from CO2-reduced bluemint® recycled from thyssenkrupp Rasselstein for the safe storage and transportation of its PMMA system solutions. PMMA sealing and coating systems are highly reactive, so that sealed tinplate containers offer the greatest protection and the highest possible safety for the packaging and transportation of this filling material. In addition to the advantages on the product side, tinplate packaging made of bluemint® Steel makes a significant contribution to the CO2 reduction targets of the fillers.

WestWood® Kunststofftechnik uses tinplate containers made from CO2-reduced bluemint® SteelWith bluemint® recycled rasselstein®, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein has a product with reduced CO2 intensity in its portfolio. The material properties of the tinplate do not differ from the existing grades; however, the product is characterized by a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 62 percent during production. "In the production of bluemint® recycled steel, a specially processed steel scrap is used, which means that some of the iron ore and coking coal in the blast furnace can be saved. As a result, the tinplate containers used are even more sustainable,” says Carmen Tschage, Head of Communications and Market Development at thyssenkrupp Rasselstein. The CO2 savings of the tinplate have been confirmed and certified by DNV.

“We supply many PMMA system solutions in tinplate containers from our long-standing partner Muhr,” says Alexander Westphal from the WestWood® management. “When the innovative joint project presented us with the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions, we were the first PMMA manufacturer to seize the opportunity.”

As a manufacturer of tinplate containers for hazardous goods, Muhr Metallverpackungen also utilizes the added value of bluemint® recycled for its customers: “For many years now, we have been conserving valuable resources with our patented design of tinplate containers with significantly reduced material usage,” reports Klaus Wilmes, Managing Director of Muhr & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG. "Now, however, we can also significantly improve our customers' carbon footprint with the help of the CO2-reduced material while maintaining high performance. This fits in with our business strategy, which clearly focuses on sustainability." WestWood® saves more than 258 tonnes of CO2 eq annually thanks to the innovative bluemint® containers from Muhr Metallverpackungen alone.

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