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Domino & MPS hybrid open houses labelled a success


Last week (17 and 18 October) MPS welcomed guests to the Domino & MPS Hybrid Open Houses hosted at the MPS Technology & Expertise Centre in Arnhem. Each day, there was a packed house with visitors attending from Belgium, France, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom – all of whom came to witness first-hand the capabilities of the MPS EF SYMJET with its integrated Domino N610i digital ink jet engine.

This hybrid combination utilising MPS’s advanced flexo capabilities and Domino’s leading digital ink jet technology enables label converters to print cold foil, spot colours, multiple SKUs, screen inks, laminates, varnishes, and complete the final finishing/converting all in one process.

Shane Dewar, Domino’s Director for Digital Printing Solutions Europe said, “These events, which Domino co-hosted with MPS, have been extremely successful and well-received. We have been delighted with the attendance and high levels of interest shown in hybrid and shrink sleeve printing over both days.”

Domino & MPS hybrid open houses labelled a success

Visitors heard about the trends and developments in the global pressure-sensitive and sleeve label markets and learnt about the cost advantages of hybrid ink jet label printing in an interesting and informative, independent presentation from Dr Sean Smyth. There were live demonstrations of the MPS EF SYMJET printing multiple SKUs highlighting the fast job and media changes that can be achieved with the minimum amount of time and waste, and visitors saw the impressive shrink sleeve results that can be obtained using digital technology – Domino was the first ink jet press to successfully print shrink sleeves.

The Commercial Manager from a forward-thinking label converter in the UK said, “I found the day extremely useful. It has ticked all the boxes that we expected. The presentations were interesting and today has served to confirm our original thoughts about hybrid technology. We have been very impressed with what we have seen, and I think it will fit into the future of our business.”

The Manager of Operations from a Dutch label printers echoed this sentiment, “Today has been very useful for us, as we are always interested in looking at new technology. The demonstrations of the MPS EF SYMJET were very impressive and the presentation about the cost benefits of using hybrid technology was particularly informative, as was the live interview with Gregg Temple from Meyers in the US, who explained how he researched the hybrid market and the successful results his business has achieved since investing in the MPS/Domino combination.”

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