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Spanish brewery giant renews its trust in Sacmi labelling


A second OPERA modular labeller has been supplied to the firm’s beer plant to join the first machine bought in 2009: a then-pioneering project that has demonstrated all the pros of reliable, high-productivity technology and a versatility like no other on the market. A Spanish company, which leads the way on the 1.8 billion euro Iberian brewery market and has seen continual sales and margins growth, has again chosen Sacmi-developed OPERA technology to give its labelling line a boost.

The new Sacmi OPERA 600 MODUL 60T S3/E3, equipped with three labelling stations for cold glue and another three for the application of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels, was installed and started up in Spain at the beginning of 2017. With an output capacity of 62,000 labels an hour, the new Sacmi labeller joins the machine already supplied in 2009 (also from the Modular OPERA range); the latter also designed by Sacmi with such characteristics, which span from maximum reliability to outstanding flexibility and high output rates.

Another great opportunity for Sacmi, with a key international brewery player who wants to repeat the positive experience had with the first machine. The latter has been incredibly successful: in fact, it's still used to label 30 different formats, a clear demonstration of all the advantages offered by a technology that is truly unique in terms of high-output versatility and efficiency. Hence the decision by this Iberian player – which has, in the meantime, purchased three complete still water lines (to produce 0.33 - 10-litre PET bottles), installed by other Group companies – to renew its trust in OPERA technology, allowing it to intercept the dynamism of the Spanish market and cope with the growing quotas destined for export.

Spanish brewery giant renews its trust in Sacmi labelling

More specifically, the three CG 8/8/130 cold glue modules will be used to apply labels in parallel on the front and back of the bottle and a special wrap-around label on the neck. Similarly, the other three AD HS pressure-sensitive modules – which include the automatic splicing system that provides non-stop performance – will apply the body front, body back and the partial wrap-around label on glass beer bottles. The labeller is also equipped with Sacmi's automatic bottle positioning system and vision system: the latter checks both caps and labels (also via OCR or optical character recognition, software) and is managed by high resolution video cameras.

Another key factor that influenced the customer's choice - in addition to the latest technology that allows extremely high productivity - was the modularity of the Sacmi OPERA; this allows producers to work effectively, using just one machine, with different labelling systems and technologies. Solid and hard-wearing, the OPERA can also easily be integrated into existing lines and can count on (as with all Made in Sacmi solutions) a fast, efficient technical assistance service, run by the Group's support team; in keeping with our policy of providing customers with close support on all the main markets, the team works alongside customers to ensure they always receive a fast response to their needs. This latest choice is, then, a natural one for this Spanish player, which has been experiencing the performance and advantages of Sacmi labelling for years.

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