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Mondi Industrial Bags show paper-based bag solutions at interpack that pack more than expected


At interpack trade fair, Mondi’s Industrial Bags business presented paper-based bag solutions that protect sensitive powdery filling goods, prolong product shelf life, meet the highest safety and hygiene standards, and are easy to handle. In particular, the company showcased customer solutions for three industries in focus: food & beverages, home & personal care and building & construction.

Among Mondi’s broad range of solutions for the featured customer industries, the following product highlights have been seen at interpack: Hot Lock Bag® for high hygiene and safety standards required by the food industry. SPLASHBAG for protecting moisture-sensitive building and construction material from rain. Eco bag series for sustainable solutions in the home and personal care industry.

PE-inliner bags with Hot Lock Bag® sealing are Mondi’s reliable solution for the particular needs of the food industry. Food producers require packaging that meets stringent health and hygiene standards. Produced under strict hygienic conditions, these open mouth bags combine functional features for easy closure, reliable storage and convenient opening.

The PE-Inliner bag acts as a moisture barrier for hygienic and safe packaging and optimal protection. It can be sealed separately after filling for increased protection. The Hot Lock® sealing technology ensures reliable closing under strict hygiene standards. Sustainable: the PE inliner can be easily separated from the outer paper ply for optimal recyclability.


SPLASHBAG is a water-resistant paper bag that meets the needs of customers in the building and construction industry. It was developed in collaboration with cement producer LafargeHolcim. SPLASHBAG is particularly suitable for protecting moisture-sensitive filling goods. It is made from Mondi’s wet-strengthened, machine-finished Advantage Protect sack kraft paper, and is formulated to maintain high tensile strength even in wet environments.

As a result, SPLASHBAG absorbs less moisture than conventional paper bags and maintains the integrity of the product quality, while at the same time matching the filling speed of standard paper bags. Even after two hours of direct exposure to rain, SPLASHBAG can still be moved, handled and emptied without difficulty. It significantly reduces bag breakage rates, leading to genuine cost savings through reduced waste, lower vehicle and site clean-up costs, fewer trips from warehouse to site and time savings for logistics and site managers.

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