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Automated Roll Warehouse with large conveyor and wrapping system to Stora Enso


Stora Enso invests 70 MEUR in new polyethylene (PE) extrusion coating plant and an automated roll warehouse (ARW) at its Imatra mills in Finland. The Imatra complex, which comprises the Kaukopää and Tainionkoski mills, has a capacity of more than one million tons/yr of carton board and specialty packaging paper. With this investment Stora Enso aims to increase and meet increasing customer demand for food service board and liquid packaging board.

The full roll handling scope for this investment with the new automated warehouse was ordered from Pesmel, and it’s commissioning is expected to be completed early Q4/2017. The roll handling system is one of the biggest deliveries in Pesmel’s history requiring 80 man years work. ”The system is good example of our Material Flow How -concept, where the high bay warehouse synchronizes the production processes flexibly and efficiently. With packing and loading included, all the components of our concept will be delivered.” tells the vice president of paper division Mr. Kaj Fahllund from Pesmel.

The heart of this new system layout is Pesmel’s TransRoll ARW concept, which is connected with 7 in-out connections at different floor levels between the mill production and converting lines. It has ~30,000 tons buffering capacity for intermediate rolls to be used at mill converting, and also for finished rolls to be shipped out to end customers.

This concepts storing volume can be expanded in the future, as well as the number of its connections. The whole footprint of this warehouse is only ~4500 m2 with high ~8 t/m2 effective storing density. And as true heart of mills material flow, it has whopping 900 t/h fully automated in-out handling and sorting capacity with two stacker cranes. TransRoll ARW is equipped with full Pesmel WMS warehouse management system, which is connected to MIS (mill information system) to track the roll flow and to keep the real-time storage inventory for the converting and shipping operations.

Pesmel’s roll handling scope includes along large connecting conveyor system also new high capacity kraft wrapping line, with robotized core plugging and head insertion. The handling capacity is set to 120 r/h, but this can be increased in the future 20 - 40%. With automated truck loading the unpacked rolls are transported from TransRoll warehouse to a coating mill situated one kilometer away. The rolls are loaded and unloaded fully automatically in horizontal position, which eliminates the possible roll end damages totally. Transferring the rolls unpacked generates remarkable savings to packing costs.

This delivery includes custom tailored Pesmel FlowCare portal. This digital IoT (Internet of things) interface collects, saves and analyzes information from the delivered system, and helps to foresee service needs and to eliminate mill’s bottlenecks with material flow. FlowCare portal gives access to e-shop, spare part, maintenance and document services, ticketing system and to 24/7 customer support.

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